2023 Year 8-10 Electives handbook

In 2023 the school will be embarking on a pioneering initiative to respond to the student data related to student Voice, agency, and engagement. This will mean some changes to what you normally see happening across the school.

The year 7 structure stays the same as the current structure and all students in year 7 – 10 complete core subjects in english and maths with a staged development of choice with parameters where students in year 8 –10 must participate in all curriculum areas.

Secondary Schooling is a formative part of a student’s education journey and an important time for students to set goals for their future. Students build the skills they need to succeed as they progress and secondary school gives them an opportunity to explore subjects they may be interested in ahead of senior secondary schooling.

Students should be able to experience subjects they are curious or interested in, regardless of their year level. Students will be able to develop an individual learning plan that allows greater degrees of voice and agency catering to their learning needs and interests.


Year 8-10 Electives handbook

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All current Year 7-9 students must review the electives handbook and complete the 2023 Electives Selection form via the link sent to you on the COMPASS notification titled 'Exciting new elective options: Yr 8-10 2023' by 30 November 2022

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