Reports & Plans

2022 - 2026 School Strategic Plan

A 4-year plan for school improvement, completed by the college after the school review. The plan is based on the key directions recommended by the school review panel and an analysis of school performance data and evidence conducted during the review.


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2023 Annual Implementation Plan

A 4-year strategic planning cycle to support college improvement and meet the requirements of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic).


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2022 Annual Report

The Annual Report provides the college principal and school council with an opportunity to share the year’s achievements and progress with the school community. This includes reflecting on the college’s performance and explaining the impact of college improvement efforts on student outcomes.


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2022 School Review Report

A college review every 4 years to inform the directions of the college’s 4 year School Strategic Plan (SSP)
(a legislative requirement for all schools).


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