The Laverton P-12 College School Council Policy requires all students to wear school uniform. Personal appearance and cleanliness are essential and a student’s appearance should be in keeping with the standards, image, and spirit of the College. The College uniform allows students to develop a sense of pride and belonging while promoting a positive image within the community.

Students not in full school uniform must bring a note from a parent on the day concerned. Students may be sent home to change should their dress be considered inappropriate or the school reserves the right to supply a clean second-hand article of clothing for the student to wear on that day. Please note undergarments should not be visible.

Please note uniform items must be purchased from Double 'C' Jeanery Laverton


Double C Jeanery,

2 Aviation Road Laverton

Monday to Sunday 10 am to 5 pm, Public Holidays 10 am to 5 pm.

9369 4307



Compulsory uniform
Students may wear either winter or summer uniforms throughout the school year.



Sky blue polo Shirt

School dress/Winter tunic

College navy blue jumper

College navy blue school jacket

Blue shorts or track pants




Summer and winter uniform


College grey pants or shorts

College dress * green/blue box

College navy blue jumper

College tartan skirt
College white long or short-sleeved shirt  
Sport (unisex)  
College sports polo top Navy track pant
College navy shorts  


Optional secondary uniform

School-branded college uniform items

  • Blazer
  • Tie
  • School bag
  • Cap
  • College winter jacket 

College shoes
Students must wear closed-toe style shoes which are all black including the sole. Please refer to the below examples.


Please ensure shoes are ALL black including the sole. The below examples will NOT be permitted.




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