Yr 7-12 uniform updates

Some important UPDATES and ADDITIONS to the uniform based on students and parent voice feedback. The compulsory Laverton P-12 College uniform develops students' care for their personal appearance. It allows them to be recognised as belonging to the college community.

The School Council has approved changes in response to the uniform survey feedback.

Uniform contributes to the development of pride in representing the college. Students wearing uniforms also enhance the College’s positive image in the community.

It is expected that ALL students wear FULL school uniform every day.
Below is a Year's 7-12 Uniform Summary.
  • Grey school pants - NEW these can be Grey Charcoal Dickies Branded Selected styles
  • ALL Black shoes - NEW for 2023
    (Must be rubber soles and be ALL BLACK)
  • Navy Blue College logo jumper
  • White long or short-sleeved shirt with College Logo
  • School dress * green/blue box
  • School tartan skirt
  • Grey school shorts
  • Navy Blue school jacket with College Logo

Can you please ensure that your child has their full school uniform
before they return to school in 2023.

The uniform shop can provide the Dickies Styles approved or you
can visit the school website for information.

We really appreciate your support in ensuring that your child belongs to
our school community. 

School uniforms are available at Double C Jeanery, 2 Aviation Road Laverton or on their online shop. Shop Hours: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 5 pm, Public Holidays 10 am to 5 pm.

Uniform enquiries call (03)9369 4307 or email at sales@dcsuniforms.com.au
Online order enquiries call (03) 9398 2222 or email at sales@dcsuniforms.com.au

The new pants option is a “Dickies” Brand that is available in various styles and cuts. The material is very hard-wearing, and most students will probably grow out of the pants before they wear out of them. They are more expensive than the current pant but are more flexible. They are available at the current uniform shop and can be found at other stores also.

Styles are 801, 811, 818, 872, 873, 874, 875, 918, slim, original, loose fit. NO CARGO. NO STRETCH CUFF (If the style does not come in the Charcoal Colour it is not allowed.

There would be a few styles they offer that are not be allowed, eg: a cargo style with additional pockets and ones with reflective stickers.

The colour is consistent across styles and and must be ‘Charcoal Grey’.

The shoe change is fairly simple, but we believe by offering any closed-toe style and material provide they have a rubber sole (no ballet shoes), the options for students and families to find an ALL-BLACK offering would be far and wide.

The word ALL is emphasised as much as possible so we can keep the general aesthetic of the current uniform intact. This would mean the below examples would still NOT be allowed.

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