Safe Practices at school

School drop off and pick up

It has come to our attention with school returning and continuing to return in the coming weeks, some parents and carers are taking serious risks and driving in an unacceptable manner putting themselves and others in danger.

It is imperative that children are dropped off and collected from school in a safe and legal manner.

Some of the things we are seeing are things including; dropping off and picking up children whilst stationary at a school crossing, parking illegally, performing u-turns in front of oncoming traffic, and blocking private driveways. All of this behaviour and more is unacceptable.

We are asking all road users to take greater care in and around school zones. If you are dropping off or collecting children please leave yourself adequate time to find a park and safely attend to your children.

Over the coming weeks, Police will be patrolling these areas and will show a zero-tolerance to any offending. Please for the welfare of everyone, take care.

Below are some common offences and their penalties below which police will be targeting

OffencePenaltyDemerit Points
Speeding$207 - $8261-3 points & up to
12 months loss of licence
Fail to give way to a pedestrian$2893 points

Fail to stop and remain
stationary at children’s crossing

$4133 points
Parking Offences

$33 - $165

Using a mobile phone whilst driving$4964 points
Seat belt offences$330 - $3723 points

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