From the Principal

Our students are having positive relationships with each other and feel safe and happier at school. This is our work: to help our students achieve at higher rates and levels, be engaged with their learning and eachother and be healthy.


At Laverton P-12 College our focus, efforts and plans direct us to our core business: the business of learning.  We approach this through our common model of instruction called IMPACT. As I have explained in the past, this model has students, each lesson, having a learning goal, then a hook (like the use of visuals, short clips) often connecting to their prior knowledge, followed by adding new understandings and or skills through saying, doing, imagining, making, reading,writing, creating, applying, analysing, identifying similarities and differences, exploring, discovering (often with web-based applications), solving,questioning, paraphrasing, summarising. Students then attempt challenge, cultivating their understanding
through practice and application and finally students have a short time for review and feedback to look at ‘what’s next’ for their learning.


I appreciate the work we all do: together every parent/carer, student, staff member and teacher support the learning and development of each student at Laverton P-12 College.


Assessment this term shows more students achieving at higher levels and fewer students achieving below \ the expected level.  This continues to be great endorsement of our initiatives to improve student achievement through the use of research and evidence-based strategies: the high yield strategies. Remember this is the work teachers have been learning about for the past two years
from our partners Dr Jane Pollock, Esther Weichert and Dr John Munro and they are the things students do in every class which increase their rate and level of achievement.


This term, our work with Berry Street has been looking at building on students strengths. This means teachers and education support staff have been identifying student strengths and then looking at how use the strength to build a high reliance response and further support the learning and development of students. We learned about growth mindsets vs fixed mindsets and the effect of these on our expectations for students.  These curriculum days have been a great opportunity for Education Support Staff to join our teachers and learn how to be more effective together.


Our School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) approach is having a positive impact on student behaviour: we are having fewer incidents between students and students are self-regulating and de-escalating situations. This is rewarding to see and is the results of efforts from many teams: our WellBeing Team, our SWPB Tea, our Respectful Relationships Team, our Year Level Mentors, our Teachers and Ed Support Staff, our students and our parents and carers.


Again thank you for your help with attendance and uniform this term. We want the same thing for our students: for them to be happy and safe at school and learning. By thinking about students like about school, they can feel more connected to school, feel happier about coming to school and be more effective learners at school.  Please let your child’s teacher know if you notice your child is reluctant to attend school and we can look at ways to support you and your child.


We have had several year levels on camp this term:Year 4, 5 & 6, Year 9 and Year 3 and Year 7 are currently on camp. These are great times for students to have lots of fun together, building relationships around their common experiences and develop their skills around teams, independence and inter-dependence, social skills and some personal challenges. I am sure you look forward, as I do, to hearing the stories about your child’s experience at camp this year. We are looking at improving these opportunities for students in 2018.


As always, we welcome your feedback on anything here at school...please feel free to make a call, send an
email or have a chat. We will have Parent-Teacher interviews next week and please make use of this time to meet with your child’s teacher to talk about their progress. I hope your child has had a great Term 3, felt connected to the learning, enjoyed the camps, excursions and lunchtime activities and we look forward to welcoming them back for Term 4, beginning Monday 9th October.